Bobby Moon is a vocalist/songwriter who began a recording career in the 1980s with Los Angeles post-punk band Life After Death. Singing in a number of languages and blessed with a 3/4 octave vocal range, Moon has developed a cult following world wide. In the 1990s he started a Funk and Latin-influenced dance band called Spellbound, which has continued to this day. The band has released a succession of albums on its own Selfish Recordings label. 2020 marks the release of Bobby Moon’s first solo album Private Message. 

    Born to Korean and American parents in the latter half of the 20th century, moving around the United States several times before he was 18, Bobby Moon has always considered himself somewhat of an outcast. Turning to singing, music, and writing early on as a form of escapism, Bobby honed the skills which would later enable him to co-lead bands, write, and produce for other artists, and eventually release a solo album of original material. As a teen, Bobby enjoyed writing lyrics, and found a number of bands employing his words for their compositions. One particularly enthusiastic peer, Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas, took a shine to Moon’s lyrics. The two soon paired up as songwriters, and have continued to this very day, with Thomas composing the majority of the music and playing several instruments on Moon’s new solo album.Thomas and Moon formed a band, Life After Death, in the mid-1980s, which enjoyed a torrid, brief career; flirting with major labels, releasing a four-song EP on vinyl, and even making a music video. The two songwriters carried on after that band broke up, eventually forming a new band, Spellbound. Ambitious, eclectic, and determined, Spellbound has continued, releasing critically-acclaimed albums, and earning the praise of musicians from all walks of life. 

    Long before K-Pop put Korean musical artists on the international map, Bobby Moon was singing, producing, and performing on critically-acclaimed albums. Able to speak English, Korean, and Spanish, Bobby also dabbles with a few musical instruments, such as piano, bass, and percussion. His first full length solo recording Private Message, will be available on the Selfish Recordings label in April 2020.



Before K-Pop, Before Wikipedia, Before Kale - There Was Bobby Moon  

Singer-Songwriter Releases Mainstream Friendly Solo Album  

Los Angeles, CA, December 15, 2019 - Singer-Songwriter Bobby Moon never intended to remain a cult figure on the dark fringes of the Los Angeles music scene for the past couple decades, but things don’t always turn out like you plan. He came close to obtaining a major label record contract with his first band Life After Death. Missed it by that much. His current band, the multicultural ensemble Spellbound, is perhaps a tad too eclectic for mainstream tastes. Moon himself has a few suspicions as to the reason for his lack of mainstream success, but rather than entertain any conspiracy theories, just chalk it up to nearly three decades of bad luck. Really bad luck. April 21, 2020 will mark the release of Moon’s first full length solo album Private Message, on the Selfish Recordings label.   

No weird musical fusion to confuse the average listener, no obscure or controversial lyrical matter that might scare off the mainstream media, none of the usual potpourri of styles. Private Message is Just a solid melodic rock album from start to finish, which shows off Moon’s impressive three-quarter octave voice and gift for straightforward songwriting.  

    “We’re hoping to appeal to as many genders and species as possible with this,” says the album’s producer and longtime Bobby Moon collaborator Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas.  

Moon put in plenty of hard time into music, in those pre-Internet pre-kale, pre-Wikipedia days. Though he had been toying with the idea of a solo recording for some time, it never materialized.   

    “There were stops and starts,” says Moon. “I just didn’t feel the focus was there, but with this new batch of songs on Private Message, there was an inspiration that really motivated me.”  

With Korean K-Pop music now a worldwide phenomenon, Moon felt the time was right, his Asian heritage no longer being a stigma. Private Message will be available April 21, 2020 on most major digital platforms. Limited quantities on CD will be available through CD Brought to you by the independent label Selfish Recordings.