Bobby Moon "Private Message"

SRCD-23 (2020)

1) Local Girls Dance

2) Seize The Moment

3) Private Message

4) Eyes Wide Open

5) All Dressed Up

6) Tell Tale Linda

7) Call Of Night

8) A Girl Like That

9) She's A Rebel

10) The 7 Year Itch


Produced By Paul 'Pablo' Thomas

All Songs Written by Bobby Moon and Paul 'Pablo' Thomas

Copyright 2020 Sunyata Publishing (BMI)

Bobby: Vocals, Bass, Piano, Keyboards and Percussion

Pablo: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboards and Backing Vocals

With Blewfoot: Drums on "Local Girls Dance"

Recorded & Mixed @ Tripsville Studio (Los Angeles, CA.)

Photos By Gloria Plascencia 

Make Up: Sandra Merlan

Album Layout & Graphics By Susan Cegarra

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06/27/2020 Indie rock

The debut solo album from long-time Los Angeles musician Bobby Moon culminates a life-time of musical influences and lessons. From songs like the riff-friendly “She’s A Rebel” and the unconventional sounds of “The 7-Year Itch,” highlight an artist who not only speaks a number of languages – English, Spanish and Korean – but intertwines them into his songs.

Many of the songs on Private Message are about relationships including the standout track, “A Girl Like That.”

“Ann Marie was a girl that was out of my league but wanted so bad,” Moon says, “and it inspired me to write this song. I had actually written and started to record this song but decided to shelf it. Years later came across it and it sounded really good so reworked and finished recording it.”

Another song about a relationship, “She’s A Rebel,” uses a 12-string Rickenbacker to provide the powerful pop sound provided by guitarist Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas.

He also came up with the title and the chorus riff. Apparently the song is about “a younger woman who rebels against her peers by dating an older guy like me. I was twice her age and she was twice the fun.”

Things switch up a bit on “The 7-Year Itch,” a “psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after about seven years,” Moon says.

“This song is about the breakup of my relationship with an ex-fiancé. The Chorus was stacked with voices inspired by Roy Thomas Bakers’ work with Queen. ” Other tracks include “All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go”, “Seize The Moment” and “Call of Night”

The album is worth a whirl for rock and pop fans in particular, and those who enjoy more obscure and culturally-mixed music.

Born to Korean and American parents in the latter half of the 20th century, and moving around the United States several times before he was 18, Moon always considered himself somewhat of an outcast.

Turning to music and writing early on as a form of escapism, Moon honed his skills enabling him to co-lead bands, write, and produce for other artists, and eventually release a solo album of original material.

Moon is a vocalist/songwriter who began a recording career in the 1980s with Los Angeles post-punk band Life After Death that he started with Thomas – a life-long musical partner.

In the 1990s he started a funk and Latin-influenced dance band called Spellbound.

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